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Remembrance of Things Past

This week Shaelyn made two 18th century make-up recipes. Both smelt heavenly but were very different. The ingredient scents brought back lots of memories for me.

Rose water: reminded me of my Dad hacking back rose bushes in our garden as if they were the enemy, and the bushes blooming magnificently in retaliation.

Violet oil: reminded me of the Parma Violet candies which tasted confusingly like the smell of violets.

Almond fragrance: made me hungry for Mr Kipling’s Bakewell Tarts and made Shaelyn badly want marzipan chocolates.

Camphor : reminded me of my gran’s go-to cure for any cold, Vick’s Vapour Rub slathered on my chest at bedtime.

The soft and lovely look of the make-up has been surprising to us, but we have also been delighted to discover just how gorgeous some of the face paints smell.

The Ingredients page has been updated to include these scented ingredients.

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